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If you have a special talent,

we are looking for you!

AGES 5-17 yrs

1st Place: $1,000 

2nd Place: $300

3rd Place: Choice of Horse Riding Lessons or Karate Classes 

Talents may include (but not limited to) singing, dancing, instrumental music, skits, magic, comedy, martial arts, juggling etc. 

BANDS: only 3 piece bands will be allowed


Everyone submitting for the talent show must fill out and submit an online talent submission form below.

If you are part of a group act, please submit (1) submission total.

All acts must have written consent from their parent or guardian for each of the respective participants. No exceptions are allowed.  


In all cases, the decision of our judges is final and will

not be open to discussion. 


Please be reminded, this is a family event. Absolutely no profanity

or insensitive subject matter will be permitted. 


Your act must include the exact contents that you submitted

in your audition. No variations are allowed. 


Wardrobe /Costumes must be appropriate for all age groups. 

Acts are responsible for their own props and costumes. 


All performances will be screened for appropriateness by the talent show committee prior to acts taking the stage 3PM. 


If your act requires recorded accompanying music, the music must be 

provided by (you). All media such as CD / USB chip, etc., must be labeled with act's name and song title and is the participant’s sole responsibility to retrieve accompanying music after the show.


Please complete audition form below, you will receive an email confirmation and can then upload your audition video there. Alternatively, you can send us a video link of your audition via YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, etc. Audition winners will be informed via email or phone—so enter now and good luck! 



Talent Show Submission

Thanks for registering!

Note to contestants...and/or their parents guardians: By participating in the talent contest, you hereby agree that Unity Ranch, Free Will Organization, and our Sponsors/Donors, Staff, as well as any of their affiliates Et al., bear no legal responsibility for injury, loss or damage of property...or any other unforeseen legal claims. This text counts a legally enforceable waiver. Should you break said waiver, you will incur responsibility for any resulting legal fees for the aforementioned parties.

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