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A Big THANK YOU to our Partners.

Free Will Garden's Mission: An opportunity for the youth to create and maintain a garden through programs focused on Agriculture Education, Sustainability, Carbon Reduction, Water Preservation, Crop Processing and Preserving.

Who: Free Will Organization is a learning place where we share a passion for Children, Animals and the Earth, through farm based education, workshops, activities and events for the youth in our community. Free Will Organization is in collaboration with Unity Ranch In Valley Springs CA.

What: Free Will Garden: This garden project will serve as a learning opportunity for the youth threw programs focused on Agriculture Education, Carbon Reduction, Water Preservation, Crop Processing. This garden will serve as a creative approach learning and feeding environment. We would like for this to be an on going project with different programs and workshops.

Why: There is a need and where there is a need there is a will. Folks come together and take passion into action and make things happen. We must practice our right to food and harvest while making a difference in our community. This project serves as an education resource for our youth, opens opportunities building confidence and self reliance to produce healthy food. This will also provide jobs and help us continue building and making progress.

When: The first part of our program "Garden Day for Kids" is Sunday, November 26th, 11am-2pm. You can drop your child/children off, snacks will be provided. 

Where: This project is being allowed, supported and facilitated at Unity Ranch in Valley Springs Ca. Unity Ranch has donated a part of the property to start and grow the mission and has granted access to conduct meetings, programs and workshops needed to felicitate “Free Will Garden Project”


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